39th Annual Rough Rider Marching Contest


2022 Rough Rider Marching Contest will be held October 8th, 2022 in Heroes Stadium

TR Rough Rider Band 2022

Roosevelt High School would like to welcome all the bands participating in the 39th Annual Rough Rider Marching Contest. We are excited to see all the bands and color guards. General admission will be $9, Students $6, age 5 and under are free at the front gate. There will be food, drinks, and snacks available at the concession stand. Kona Ice, Tasty Ball Food Truck, and KettleCorn will also be there. Pepwear will also be there for your souvenir shirts, patches, etc. High School Music Company will have a few emergency replacement items and an instrument repairman for any last minute fixes you might need.

2022 Rough Rider Marching Contest Results


Class 3A Outstanding Soloist                                               

Class 3A Outstanding Color Guard                                     

Class 3A Outstanding  Front Ensemble Percussion         

Class 3A Outstanding Battery Percussion                          

Class 3A Outstanding Horn Line                                         

Class 3A 3rd Place Overall                                                    

Class 3A 2nd Place Overall                                                   

Class 3A 1st Place Overall                                                      

Class 4A Outstanding Soloist                                               

Class 4A Outstanding Color Guard                                    

Class 4A Outstanding Front Ensemble Percussion         

Class 4A Outstanding Battery Percussion                         

Class 4A Outstanding Horn Line                                        

Class 4A 3rd Place Overall                                                   

Class 4A 2nd Place Overall                                                  

Class 4A 1st Place Overall                                                    

Class 5A Outstanding Soloist                                             

Class 5A Outstanding Color Guard  (Tie)                        

Class 5A Outstanding Color Guard (Tie)                         

Class 5A Outstanding Front Ensemble Percussion       

Class 5A Outstanding Battery Percussion                       

Class 5A Outstanding Horn Line                                      

Class 5A 3rd Place Overall                                                 

Class 5A 2nd Place Overall                                                

Class 5A 1st Place Overall                                                  

Class 6A Outstanding Soloist                                          

Class 6A Outstanding Color Guard                               

Class 6A Outstanding Front Ensemble Percussion    

Class 6A Outstanding Battery Percussion                    

Class 6A Outstanding Horn Line                                   

Class 6A 3rd Place Overall                                              

Class 6A 2nd Place Overall                                             

Class 6A 1st Place Overall